Last night Sunday October 5, 2014, the world lost an un-paralleled visionary Mr. Geoffrey Holder at the age of 84. Holder’s towering 6’6” frame could barely contain his many talents. He was a dancer, choreographer, actor, composer, 2 time Tony Award Winner, designer, loving husband, father, and painter who used his manifold talents to infuse the arts with the flavor of his native West Indies who significantly impacted the American cultural scene.

I cannot begin to go into his tremendous accomplishments but he is major inspiration of mine. Rest in Power to a true LEGEND. Thank you for breaking down so many boundaries and being such an incomparable man! Mr. Holder is survived by Mrs. Carmen de Lavallade and their son Léo. RIP Mr. Geoffrey Holder.

 -J. West


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Alexandra Valenti ph.


Alexandra Valenti ph.

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Unnecessary Explosions.

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How to Get 10% Off Your Order at Not a Burger Stand in Burbank, CA

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Like oh my glob guys💜💜💜


Like oh my glob guys💜💜💜

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 Lynn, Marrakech, Morocco 1989 by Albert Watson.


 Lynn, Marrakech, Morocco 1989 by Albert Watson.

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